How do you nurture yourself?  I bet that if you're overweight you do almost nothing to pamper yourself  If you are a busy wife and mother, you probably don't even put yourself on "The List".  You rarely pay attention to your own needs and you've gotten into the habit of changing your state by eating when you're not even hungry.  You're tired, you eat.  You're feeling lonely, you eat.  You're feeling imposed upon, you eat.  You're bored, you eat.  You get the idea.  You've been using food as a substitute for companionship, intimacy, nurturing, entertainment and more.

There is a vicious cycle that goes like this.  You want to numb out an unpleasant feeling so you eat.  You do that over and over and it becomes a habit and now food is an anesthetic.  That leads to obesity, which leads to guilt and shame, which leads to low self-esteem which leads to more overeating and round and round you go becoming more and more rotund.

The good news is that you can break out of this cycle by expanding your life, not your waistline.  I know that is easier said than done, but once your issues are defined and released through hypnotherapy, new productive habits can be installed to make eliminating the extra weight easier.  Usually everyone does well in the first few days on a diet.  Then feelings of deprivation kick in and you're back to using food to change your emotional state.  Hypnosis will keep you on track and make you feel energized with an inner die to succeed all the way to your goal weight. You'll automatically choose healthy, supportive habits and choose discipline over regrets.  Your subconscious mind is your organic computer which we can program for optimal performance.  It's time to put yourself at the top of "The List".  Expand your life, not your waistline.  You deserve it.

During my 22 years as a hypnotherapist with a global practice, I have helped many, many people pare off the pounds as well as work with other unwanted behaviors.  As we worked with dumping the baggage around the emotional issues, the weight melted off.  It is time to do that for me and I am inviting you to join in as well.  This is your opportunity to get individual attention at a group rate from a top rated hypnotist with a proven system.  During this 7 week program of fast paced hypnosis sessions you will be:

  • Breaking the patterns that packed on the pounds

  • Changing your inner critic to your inner champion

  • Getting rid of the cravings

  • Establishing new thresholds for what you feel you deserve

  • Learning how to change your emotional state without food

  • Receiving motivation to take massive action NOW

  • Experiencing less food satisfying more

  • Creating your slimmed down body blueprint for the subconscious 

  • Dissolving limiting beliefs

  • Creating rock hard self esteem

  • and much more, all without feeling deprived!

"I need to thank you Linda. I have lost 6 pounds since I started working with you two weeks ago with no dieting. I definitely was an emotional eater because I now only eat when I am hungry - I have no desire to eat when I am not hungry - when I'm no longer hungry I stop eating. What a huge difference. I think I have been eating this way for at least 20 years - I feel so calm and at peace - my soul feels healed. The best gift I could have given myself - thank you for giving me this gift. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years. I know mine will be forever changed - for the better."  Cathy M.

"In five weeks I've lost 15 pounds.  I had to buy pants two sizes smaller and they didn't have an elastic waist.  I have been able to walk the mall without being exhausted because my energy is so much better.  I've learned to recognize hunger and fullness.  With this hypnosis weight loss program there's no deprivation - no you can't have this.  Also, my blood sugars have gotten into normal ranges."  Sherry N.

"I was skeptical about trying hypnosis but it's been wonderful for me.  I'm happier and more thankful for what I have.  I'm no longer numbing my feelings with food." Maureen K.

"Just wanted to let you know about my progress.  30 lbs. off so far.  Hooray! My husband tells everyone I have alot of willpower but my mind is controlling what I eat so it's no big deal." Jeanne Risher

"Losing weight was easy for me once I changed from the inside out.  Thank you Linda."  Melissa Friedman

"I was leery about hypnosis, though is was probably baloney and felt there was no way she could hypnotize me.  After Linda showed me how it would work, I decided to do it.  In 14 weeks I have lost 61 pounds, my joints are better and I'm able to move better.  I'm fully conscious, everything she tells me I remember and do.  If it wasn't for her I think I wouldn't have lost the weight."  Mike Fitzgerald (update - weight loss is now 72 pounds)

"Hi Linda, I think it is time to let you know how pleased and thankful I am for the opportunity to have met you, but mostly for having made the decision to do hypnosis with you.  As you're aware, I was in a RUT!  I needed help but wasn't sure what kind of help or whom to go to get he help I needed in getting out of the rut and getting a hold of my weight because it was getting out of hand.  Specially being only 5"1 and weighing almost 200 lbs. I knew I had to take immediate action.  Although I previously heard stories of people losing weight effectively thru hypnosis, I some issues trusting myself being hypnotized because I was ignorant in this area and had the wrong idea about it.

Through hypnosis sessions, you have empowered me to regain control of my life, regain hope, to value and believe in myself again, to take full charge and responsibility of my thoughts, decision-making, and helping me realizing that it is all about the choices we make that lead us to the present results we're living, the fact that there are consequences to everything, and then there are the rewards.  Your professional methods, results oriented principles and caring approach have inspired, motivated and empowered me in ways I never thought were possible.  It started by me becoming consciously aware of my thoughts, eating behavior, and bad over-eating habits and bad decision-making associated with my lacking self esteem and self worth.  You've empowered me to reconnect with my inner source resulting in me starting to make better decisions and making sure that I was changing my thinking through restoring my self-believe and esteem, reconnecting with my inner self and inner capabilities and power to appreciate and love myself again.  Once I reconnected with my inner source, I regained the strength and power to pull myself out of the rut, and the the healing process began.  Along with it I regained hope, peace of mind, joy, happiness, motivation, encouragement to take back control of my health, my life, my destiny, and my weight.  The weight started dropping without me going hungry or even being on a diet.  Within the first four weeks I had lost 10 lbs.  I went from feeling powerless, sick and tired to feeling empowered and believing again in myself.  Believing that I can do anything I set my mind on to do.

You've empowered me to reconnect with my values, my roots, and the moral principles that were instilled in me by my parents and grandparents when I was a child.  Through the hypnosis, I regained the desire, the eagerness to learn to live again and to pursue with passion all the dreams, goals I've had since childhood.  You've inspired me to want to reconnect with my highest capabilities and potential such as: my inner strong-will-power, being disciplined and wanting to do the right thing, live right, become a positive role model, and to eagerly put into action my passion and desire in pursuing and obtaining outstanding achievements in both my personal and professional life.  

I had faith in Linda because I was able to see through her professionalism, committed desire in making a difference in people's lives.  I knew right away that Linda was dedicated to the use through her very warm, caring, friendly approach that was more like of an older sister ready and willing to help pull me up from the rut and and enthusiastic in restructuring and building Daniela back to health and well-being.  She knew that all she had to do was to readjust or/and alter my thought process, making me more subconsciously are of my self talking, my self feed back, i.e. words, actions, habits that previously was not so productive.  Therefore adding purpose to my life by showing me how to embrace the possibilities of living a more productive and successful life, and taking charge of my destiny.

My testimony is - if you find yourself struggling or faced with a challenge (no matter how big the challenge), which must be overcome or whether you are looking to attain new goals or new heights in your life, then you must give Linda a try.  The process is very safe, very private and can be done thru the telephone.

By the way, I now am down to 173 lbs and am committed to losing at least another 45-50 lbs.  Thanks Linda.  I love you.  You are phenomenal.  We need more people like you in this life.  Keep up the good work." D. Fraser

 "Through your weight program I've been steadily losing 2 pounds per week without dieting and I'm not hungry.  The food tastes better.  I enjoy the food more so I eat slowly and I eat less.  Also, I'm drinking plenty of water.  I've been on all kinds of kets and this is so much easier.  I've changed the way I eat and how I feel about food.  When I first came to you I was skeptical, but you have proved me wrong."  Charlie Raco

"Before I discovered Linda I literally believed that I was destined to be overweight and that there was little to be done about it.  I also believed, as an educated woman in her 40's, that I knew the "dos and don'ts" of dieting and could not benefit from anyone else's advice.  I had little hope, and a nagging feeling that I was somehow less worthy than others around me.  Lucky for me, I'm comfortable admitting when I've been wrong!

My experience with Linda has been nothing short of miraculous.  I want to tell everyone about her and I quickly get the chance with friends and acquaintances, because they not only notice my weight loss, but also my new confidence and positive energy.  As soon as they comment, I literally rave about the fabulous "secret" that I have stumbled onto.

Although I am not yet at my goal weight, I now have a respect for myself and my goals, and harbor no doubts whatsoever that I will ultimately reach that goal and any others that I may make for myself.  Linda's program of first working out why you eat the way you do through caring and careful hypnotherapy has created for me what I like to call my cycle of success.  I am engulfed with such a sense of wellbeing that I no longer think of eating to fulfill a terrible self-image, to comfort me, or to stave off boredom.

Instead, I find that I have energy and time to do things that I never before would have.  I have literally cleaned out every closet in my home.  I'm now working on the garage and the attic has better watch out as well!  The pleasant cycle is that I become so engrossed in my new projects that I hardly think about eating, and find I only eat when physiologically hungry.

I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Linda and recommend her to anyone who is interested in self-improvement that can truly last a lifetime.  Do not hesitate!  My only regret is that I didn't find Linda years ago!"

Lisa B. 



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