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When you came onto this planet, you were ready to take on the world.  Then you accepted negative messages about yourself into your subconscious mind which caused you to settle for less, draw abusive people into your life, and block your purpose, passions, and prosperity.  Along the way, you developed coping habits which now get in your way and defeat you.  Your overwhelm, weight gain, heart break,  lack of focus, and other struggles are supported by your emotional baggage.  I will help you eliminate it permanently in private sessions so you can liberate yourself from your past, bad habits, low self esteem, grief, and anything else that holds you back.  You have settled for survive when you were meant to THRIVE!

  • Do you feel stuck, repeating the same detrimental patterns over and over?

  • Do you keep trying to eliminate a bad habit such as smoking, procrastination, or overeating only to find it reinforced even more?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?

  • Having trouble moving on emotionally since a breakup, loss of job, death of a loved one or divorce?

  • Are you Co-dependent?

  • Do you sabotage your own success?

  • Are the people you are attracting into your life adding quality or chaos?

  • Do you settle for less in your relationships, wellbeing, or wealth?

  • Are the negative messages imprinted on you by authority figures in your childhood still impacting you today?

  • Does your inner critic block you from becoming all you can be?

  • Are you a procrastinator?


Claim Your Thunder™ is what I have named my process for uniting people with all of their innate power and also the name of my highly praised empowerment events. So what does it mean to claim your thunder anyway?  It's about speaking your truth without worrying about the repercussions and creating a life you absolutely love.  The advanced hypnotherapy system within the  CYT coaching system creates a way to take off your training wheels and firmly step into your authenticity. It dissolves the disease to please so that you may stand up and out for who you really are without diminishing yourself in any capacity.

Permanently overcome the obstacles that are blocking you from fully diving into your best life.  The ClaimYour Thunder™ program identifies the source of the negative programming you have running in your organic computer (your subconscious mind) and then completely releases it. Your inner critic is then changed into your inner champion. Next, rock hard self esteem, confidence, and pure potential training follow thru is installed.

What you can expect after completing your CYT sessions, is to feel in love with your life, motivated to live up to your potential, happy with yourself, and feeling capable to create your own level of prosperity.

It’s time to Claim Your Thunder!  Below are some of features and benefits you will experience from the program which will shift your life in dramatically significant and positive ways.

C – We will change what doesn’t honor you and create your life according to your dreams and talents.

– Lavish love, patience and kindness on your inner child.  She/he is in dire need of it.

AIM – Aim high.  You are so used to settling just to keep the peace. You will be motivated to go after what you really want.

– Yes! Say yes where you used to say no.  It’s time to shake things up. Push back your boundaries.   Step out of your safe place and soar!   

O- Organize your surroundings.  You will find that an awesome by product of the Claim Your Thunder process is that you will feel compelled to clean out your car, home, and office.  Getting rid of clutter will open space for the good to come into your life.

UR –  UR important, valuable, worthy of receiving all of the wonderful things life has to offer.

T- Treat yourself kindly.  Treasure your unique talents.

– Halt the bad habits that don’t serve your best interest.  Hypnosis works!

U – Use your talents.  The world is ready to accept your gifts.

N – No name calling of yourself or others.

D – Dare yourself to push back your boundaries.  Delight in the many aspects of you.

E – Each day is a new opportunity to recreate your life.

R – Reclaim the power within you.  Rumble, ROAR, revel in being YOU!

Like thunder, let your power vibrate over the world.  Be loud and clear about who you are.  Speak up for what you want and speak out for what you feel is right.  Don’t let your voice be silenced to “make nice” or to fit in.

My deepest wish for you is to love yourself and the loving life force that brought you here, drop judgements, forgive, and open your heart to ALL. When you do that, your world will be healed and anything is possible .




Linda Van Haver, The Empowerment Expert
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