"Home from the annual cardiologist appointment. . . Good News!  I lost another 11 lbs.  How you ask? Hypnosis!!!  I signed up for an eight session group package.  We "met" via telephone conference each of us discussing our particular challenges for a portion of the time each week and then Hypnotherapist Linda Van Haver took it from there.


Gradually I learned how to avoid over eating, stress eating, make better choices for what I do eat and many other little things that have added up to a total weight loss of 22 lbs!  I have gone down 2 sizes so far and on my way to a 3rd soon.  I am thrilled!  I am feeling better and looking better - I am not on a diet, I eat everything including my beloved Gelato.  Thank you Linda!!!"

Tina Carone

"Dear Linda Van Haver,


I just wanted to write this so you could share this information with others who could benefit so greatly from your truly special talents.  Why?  Because I have seen it firsthand multiple times now after being told about your success.


I know that not everyone is open to the thought of hypnotherapy.  Why not?  Lack of understanding and because maybe they have no reference point to go by.  When your services were brought to my attention through a close friend after you helped her son, the lightbulb went off.  My only regret now is that I didn't know about you sooner.  Could have saved a few years of inefficient worrying.  I still thank her often.

Some people have the necessary skills to do great things but are hampered by their own anxiety, nervousness and lack of confidence and/or self-esteem and then fail to excel in what they are trying to accomplish.  This had to start somewhere and it can be overcome if they can find that starting point with your guidance.   


If I ever hear of anyone now struggling to get past an obstacle I always say to them, try hypnotherapy.  Some look at me oddly, or don't answer at all, but others see the lightbulb too.  They will be helped.  Not quite sure of the reluctance to try something to help any way possible to improve.  This is especially true when it comes to your children, it's just another tool to help them succeed.  This is our job as parents to guide them over the bumps.  We try to keep their bodies healthy, why not their minds too?

Teachers work with young minds every day.  In fact, it's required by law to have someone filling your child's brain every school day with facts.  Does them no good if they go blank when they take tests.  Won't help them if they are afraid to get up and tell others what they know in a public presentation.  Doesn't help if they are talented but zone out when asked to perform under pressure.  I am sure there are many other deficiencies you have seen and have conquered over the years.  How lucky you are to have this capacity to help others feel good about themselves.  I applaud you.

You have successfully helped my children to overcome different obstacles that were keeping them from operating at full capacity.  I must now share this information with others.   This is something that should be investigated at the first sign of life struggles especially when they do not make sense.

You have successfully helped my children to overcome different obstacles that were keeping them from operating at full capacity.  I must now share this information with others.   This is something that should be investigated at the first sign of life struggles especially when they do not make sense.


If anyone thinks this is hocus-pocus, witchcraft, weird, embarrasssing, or otherwise, you are mistaken.


Thank you very much again.


Sincerely yours,


Laura Koerner"

"I want to thank you again for all of the guidance, kindness and wisdom you have shown me.  When we first met I thought I would be fine if I could just stop smoking.  Little did I know how much more I would get from our time together!  You have given me many tools to help me regain my sense of self and to finally find happiness within me.  What greater gift is there?  As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner I knew hypnosis was a powerful medium but I had no idea it would change the way I would think about myself and my life.  You never passed judgement or were critical of me in any way.  Your positive voice kept me moving forward and for the first time in many years I can say that I am happy.  Thank you Linda.

With love,


"My sessions with Linda have changed my life so much, that still now, after having had my first hypnosis sessions for test anxiety in 2002, I still contact her from overseas to get hypnosis and be ready for the birth of my first child!  Let me tell you my story . . . .

I had a wonderful and exciting childhood!  However I had to go through many challenging experiences, in which I had to adjust to and deal with different cultures and emotional situations.  Those experiences made me very fragile and insecure and therefore, I developed fears that influenced many different aspects of my life.  These were fears such as test taking anxieties and fears against injections or any medical interventions.

If  I look back, I remember that no matter what I would do and think, the results of my tests were influenced by my feelings and I would faint by just thinking about the fact that I would receive an injection at the dentist office.  After having such influences for so many years in my life, I decided to start with some hypnosis sessions.  With my father's help I found Linda, and from the moment I met her I felt secure and trusting, which is very important when dealing with feelings and personal thoughts. Back then I was in college and the day after the first session, I had my final math exam.  Well I had studied a lot but, I knew I would not pass it without Linda's help. . .  Under hypnosis Linda guided me through relaxation and learning strategies and I can say I felt wonderful after leaving Linda's office, but I still had to take the test.  While taking the test I remember following Linda's directions of focusing when taking the pencil in my hand and when having the test in front of  me . . . Well, two days later,I received my grade - 95 out of 100.  It was the first time in many years that I had a grade higher than a C!  From that time on I started being successful with assesments again.  I never failed a test again, but then the next thing came up. . . 


My wisdom teeth had to be taken out (AHHHH, what a fear) but by using hypnosis to go back to my childhood and revisit painful and very influencing situations where I had to deal with needles, Linda prepared me for that medical intervention.  Those were wonderful hypnosis sessions in which I did not only cure physical fears, but also many emotional features that I did not know were influencing my life so much I lost my wisdom teeth without fainting and i gained wisdom of how to control my body and my thoughts!  


After those last sessions with Linda in 2003, I told her that whenever I would be expecting my first child I would contact her no matter from where on Earth.  Now we have the year 2009 and several years have passed since I last contacted Linda to tell her about my wedding plans in Germany.  Thanks to the internet we "met" again in Feb.  i shared with her that I am expecting a child in October and that of course I was looking forward to having hypnosis sessions with her again.  Thanks to the session from 2003, I have not fainted once with any medical tests throughout the pregnancy, and now just a few weeks before the birth and after wonderful overseas hypnosis sessions (via Skype and telephone), I feel calm, excited, radiant and released from any fear about birth.  I am now counting the days to welcome my child in peace.  All of these thanks to Linda and her trusting and peaceful personality, and of course thanks to today's technology which I would use again and again to receive my overseas hypnosis sessions from Linda."


Karen Koegler


"After many years of being stuck in anxiety and worry about my job and marriage, I chose to try Linda because I had read many positives about her as well as met her. In one two hour session, I learned my fear based anger and anxiety was passed to me from my father who had struggled during the Great Depression. I also found that other family members reinforced this anxiety, fear, and anger unintentionally. It freed me to forgive myself and my family. My job as a teacher is going so much more smoothly; I accept that I am not nor ever will be perfect. My job as a Father has also improved 100%. I was passing MY fears on to my own daughter! Linda, you helped break a cycle in my family, and I am grateful to you."


Rodney Field

"My sessions with Linda saved my marriage.  When my husband's job transferred us to Japan, I just could not cope.  I did not want to leave my own job, and family and friends and felt like I'd never adapt to such a different culture.  I worked with Linda and the results have been amazing.  She is a master at her craft."

Tricia DaCorte

"Before I worked with Linda I felt perpetually stuck.  I wasn't happy with my business, my relationships with my family and friends and felt mildly depressed most of the time.  My doctor prescribed an antidepressant which made me gain weight and did nothing to lift my spirits.  I went to counseling for awhile and although it was nice to have someone to talk to I still didn't feel happy.  I heard about Linda and decided to give it a try.  I had been to a hypnotist before, but this was very different.  Within 2 sessions I felt the depression and lethargy lift.  With 6 sessions total I feel like a completely different person.  I am excited by my life now and look at everything in a new positive way."


Filo Pederson

"Linda, wanted to take a second to thank you for all the joy you have let me find in my life. Anger, fear and little feeling of self worth had robbed me of so much. I found anger was a heavy load to carry and when you helped me to release it I was able to drop fifty pounds. Being afraid stopped me from doing my life's work. Sessions with you allowed me to speak at Seekers, facing fifteen smart informed women was something I had not done in thirty years. Feeling I had little value unless I was caring for someone else made me unable to ask or accept what I needed. You have changed all of this for me, while I admit I still need some work(which I will see you soon for) I awake daily glad to be alive, and thankful for the people in my life even those I never believed I could forgive. Thank you for all the joy I find daily and thank you for getting me back to my factory settings."


Noreen Benjamin


 "Money was security to me and I worried about it my whole life.  I was raised by a single mom that lived through the Depression on her own when she was just a teenager.   Money was her worry and it became mine quite naturally.  


It caused me to enter into bad marriages.  I see now that I didn't marry for love, I married for security and I made some bad choices.  My last marriage was to a man who wanted what he wanted and didn't worry about the cost.  Credit cards were always available.  I spent years worrying about money from the second I woke up in the morning to the last thing I thought about before I fell asleep.  Worrying about money consumed me.  I tried "talk" therapy with a psychologist, but it didn't help.


I found out about Linda through friends that had been to see her.  They were very satisfied and recommended I see her.  Thank goodness I did.  It has been over three years since I saw her and I still no longer worry about money.  I have peace now.  I would highly recommend her, her hypnosis works!"

Paula B.

"You are an extraordinary part of God and now I know there is definitely a big reason God has shown me to you. I am truly grateful for you being in my life right now and hopefully years to come.  You have shown me so many ways to be able to help myself to be the personI was born to be.

You have helped me more in a short time than the years of counseling I have received.   May God bless you with his favor." 


Scott Stieler

"I have heard many success stories concerning the use of hypnotism, so I knew it was "real". Most of what I had heard dealt with a changing of behavior - such as to quit smoking, lose weight or something along those lines. My issue had to do with a sudden unexpected extreme level of fear that I did not understand and certainly never experienced before. I have been a police officer for twenty one years and I have encountered fearful situations many times in my life. Fear has never been an issue that caused a problem. Without going into detail, I started my career in the Bronx. As you can imagine there were plenty of times that I had experienced fear. The fear never stuck with me or controlled me. When an incident was over and the adrenaline subsided - it was over. My recent situation was not life threatening in anyway. I will go into a little bit of detail so that maybe someone else reading this might benefit.


It was part of a life long dream I was pursuing - becoming a pilot. My training was complete and I was pretty good at it. The only hurdle I had left was to demonstrate my newly acquired knowledge and skill to a government examiner who would issue my license. I arrived for this exam and I was prepared. The exam starts as an oral test of knowledge then we get in the plane and demonstrate maneuvers and ability. As soon as I sat down to start the oral exam, I fell apart. I had encountered a level of fear that was beyond anything I had ever experienced. I could barely function. To make a long story short, I failed the test. I was not able to demonstrate my knowledge or skill remotely close to my ability. Again, I was prepared, qualified and ready but unable to prove it.  It was in no way any fault of the examiner. He was comforting and friendly. It was all me.


 After my test failure I was slightly embarrassed. I was consumed, not completely by the fear, but more for the reason. Why and how did this happen to me. If I could answer those questions I would understand it and be able to deal with the situation. It got worse for me as I began to lose interest in flying and I certainly could no longer fly up to my previous skill level. My confidence was gone. I decided that I needed help and contacted Linda. Again, I knew hypnotism was effective - but I didnt think it would work on me for the simple fact that I am a complicated or intense person who has spent a lifetime building "walls" to keep emotion and sometimes even people out. It was a required skill I needed to deal with my job. I know that being able to relax is the key tohypnotism. I had great doubt that anyone could get me to relax enough and certainly no one would be able to penetrate my inner "walls". I couldnt have been more wrong. I don't know if it was easy for her, but she did get me torelax and she got beyond every wall I had ever built. Many that I had had forgotten about or didnt even know existed. She was able to allow me to find the answers that were haunting me most...how and why it happened. It was an emotional eperience and the results were amazing. I was extremely suprised. I am not going to reveal the answers that I was seeking as we all have different needs and unique questions. All I can say is you should definitely consider hypnotism to resolve any issue you  might have. I consider myself to be a difficult candidate, but she made it easy. The key is being able to relax and focus. You will break down all mental barriers and see very clearly. If this is what you are seeking, you owe it to yourself to call Linda."


Testimony Update (shortened version)I am now a licensed sport pilot. Flying was a life long dream and a personal challenge that I created for my self. It was one of the proudest moments of my life. I do not believe for a second that I could have accomplished this without Linda. She

he did not give me the skill needed to fly, she gave me the ability to perform and the ability to allow my skills to shine through when I was previously unable to do so in this environment. I hope this day is added to one of her proudest moments as well. As far as I'm concerned, her name should be on the pilots license right next to mine!"


Rick Roscoe

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