I have often been asked where someone could purchase some of the items they have seen in my home office and what books I would recommend to them.  I have provided links to some items below which can be purchased through amazon. Please note that I added my own jewelry onto the Buddha.  Also, I am an amazon affiliate and will make a small commission when you shop from these links for the items below and whatever else you may choose to purchase from amazon at the same time.

This is the exact iPad that I have.  I originally had an iPad 2 but prefer this one as it is smaller, lighter, and faster.  It is a work horse for me and travels with me always.

I am one of the authors in this book.  My chapter starts on page 110 and is titled Claim Your Thunder.

This is the one product that I never do without anymore.  It supports healthy skin, healthy gut and healthy joints.  It certainly has turned Father Time back for me.

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