There is no reason to stay stuck, repeating negative patterns and habits over and over again whether it is a long held smoking habit, overeating, procrastination, not being able to break through boundaries or hundreds of other unwanted behaviors.  You can truly be liberated from your past, bad habits, low self esteem and anything else that prevents you from leading an awesome life.

I've been a hypnotherapist since 1993 and it still amazes me how quickly the positive changes take place by utilizing advanced hypnosis techniques  Since your subconscious mind is your organic computer, we eliminate the old offending programming and then establish new programs for optimal performance.  In the hands of a skilled professional, change happens in sessions, not months.  On the flip side of that, if a hypnotist promises you lasting change for all habits and issues in just one session, odds are that hypnotist is inexperienced and the changes will be incomplete.  My work is never about putting a patch on a problem only to blow out at a future time.  This work is about real improvement from the inside out.


The difference between a hypnotist who uses only direct suggestions and one who uses regression to cause techniques can be compared to just mowing over a weed to get it out of your lawn, or pulling it out by the roots and tilling the soil near it to ensure that any little bits that broke off are removed as well.



  1. Describe what you would like to accomplish with hypnosis and ask what experience the practitioner has with that specific behavior, habit, fear, or issue.  Ask how they would approach your particular problem.

  2. How much of their practice is devoted to Hypnosis?  If you want the best quality and fastest results from your sessions, utilize someone who does hypnosis as their main modality each and every day.  If you desire talk therapy, seek out a psychologist.  If you want rapid changes through Hypnosis, go to a full time hypnotist.  The practitioner who specializes in hypnosis will be much more skilled and effective than someone who works primarily with talk therapy and uses hypnosis only occasionally.

  3. Do they do Direct Suggestion only or do they do Regression to Cause?  Putting you into the hypnotic state and only giving you suggestions to change the behavior without cleaning up the initial origin of the problem is only a very temporary fix at best.

  4. Talk to the Hypnotist by phone and not just email.  It is extremely important that you develop a rapport on the phone.  If you do not quickly feel that the hypnotist is capable and will make you feel at ease, go on to the next one to interview.  You will be working closely with confidential issues and it is important that you feel comfortable, safe, and protected.

  5. The fee should be the last thing you discuss.  A practitioner who charges more per session may result in costing you much less out of pocket in total because they are more proficient and get the desired result in less time than someone whose fees are lower.  This is not the time to bargain shop.

Linda Van Haver, The Empowerment Expert
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