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Could your business use a boost?

The reason you always end up where you started no matter how many business strategies you learn, is that your belief system must be addressed or it will continue to undermine you.

Many star athletes have used hypnosis to rise to the top of their sport.  By harnessing the power of their subconscious mind, they have been able to throw off performance anxiety, stay focused, and allow themselves to maintain that wonderful state of flow where all their actions are right and easy and automatic.

These same principles can be applied to business.  Some companies hire motivational speakers or send their employees to the celebrity motivational events that tour the country. Unfortunately, the "energy charge" that's received from these programs is short lived and after a few days, people drop back into their old patterns. The positive emotional charge that is felt after a peak performance seminar evaporates within days if the subconscious emotional blocks are not first removed. The feelings of low self esteem and unworthiness will bubble up putting you right back where you started.  In life we get what we are willing to settle for.  Until you change how you feel about yourself, what you are worth, and remove the blocks to your success and abundance, you will end up in the same old spot.  With hypnosis, the barricades are removed and the new desired behaviors become permanent habits.

I had the privilege to go to Austin and learn directly from Joe Vitale, one of the stars in the hit movie "The Secret" and bestselling author of over 50 self development books, cds and DVDs. Joe is a person who definitely walks the talk and is one of the most kind and generous people you will ever meet. Over the years I have eagerly sought out his teachings via his products which are available at so it was awesome to meet him and fill in the missing steps to creation and manifestation.  Joe has gone from homeless to multimillionaire by following what he teaches.  Steps to abundance and sucess can be duplicated.  Plant the same seeds, reap the same crop.  

Prior to establishing my hypnosis practice in 1993, I was a top notch sales manager who developed a reputation for energizing a business and maximizing my staff's potential.  I had a successful track record in substantially increasing revenue for each of the companies where I was hired as a troubleshooter.  The techniques I used were quite simple.  The particular industry I was in rewarded only the top sales people.  Everyone else was ignored.  Overall sales were low and only a few of the same employees would make their quota week after week.  Morale was down and absenteeism was way up.  I made sure that every employee felt appreciated for whatever they brought to the table.  Everyone loves to feel recognized and appreciated.  I made it a priority to say something positive before and after anything negative that I had to convey (the sandwich method - positive, negative, positive).  


I remember addressing one particularly raucous group of sales people by telling them that after monitoring their sales calls I came to the conclusion that they were among the best sales people I ever heard . . . (long pause). . . with the worse habits.  They were more complimented than insulted so we proceeded from there.  I worked with them individually through hypnotic techniques on time management, focus, self confidence, goal setting and future visioning.  After a brief time, the atmosphere of the work environment changed and they couldn't wait to get to work.  Sales went through the roof and the revolving door of employee turnover halted.  

What are the challenges in your company?  Are you a solopreneur who feels stuck, overwhelmed and needs help getting your business to the next level?  Or do you have a larger company where negativity is running rampant through your employee ranks like a fast moving cancer?  Are your executives stressed out? Are your sales people running through leads and  producing less than what they are capable of?  Are your employees outside smoking instead of inside working?  What are your most important goals and objectives for the next two years?  Isn't it time for solutions that last?

Whether you own a small one person company or a large multifaceted business with many employees,  the Business Boost will deliver dramatic results quickly. Some of the features and benefits are:

  • Helping you craft your brand.  When you come from a place of complete authenticity, developing your expertise and gift to the world, you have no competition.

  • Healing your money story to create money mastery

  • Install laser sharp focus

  • Time management development that is so spot on it feels like smooth auto pilot

  • Firing up your frequency to bring your ideal clients to you

  • Removing the fear of cold calling and becoming completely comfortable with making your offer

  • Instilling the habit of letting stress roll off you like water off a duck's back.  What happens in your business is not as important as your attitude about it.  A positive attitude with a can do demeanor will help you get quickly back on track no matter what actually transpires.

  • Removing the blocks to your success (known and hidden) and so much more!

  • Sessions can be done on site, via FaceTime or Skype.  Call now 772 559 7720.  The life and business you desire are waiting for you to claim them!

Linda Van Haver, The Empowerment Expert 772-559-7720
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