Feeling empowered?  Happy?  In the state of flow?  No?  Well then, 
             You are your biggest opponent.
You were born with the power to create an amazing life.  Does your life reflect that or are you stalled from fear or self sabotage?  Every 24 hours a new day appears along with fresh opportunities to change your life, get unstuck, out of overwhelm, jettison the emotional baggage that weighs you down, and then enable you to take a big juicy bite out of life and THRIVE.  My mission is to help people heal their past of whatever negativity they've accepted about themselves that shows up as limitations and help them reclaim all of the power with which they were born.  Bring me whatever is bruised, battered, or blocked within you and we will move you far beyond it.  Powerfully and successfully designing your life truly starts after your core issues are cleared.  You get to live in the zone of feeling purposeful, creative, abundant and happy.

Dump your baggage and soar!

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I'm delighted to help you succeed. My perspective is that you must first dissolve the subconscious blocks that hold you back before you can move onto successful coaching. You can be given the most powerful coaching sessions without getting lasting results when they are built upon internal programs of low self esteem or a turbulent past that don't support success.

You can get out of overwhelm and inertia into the flow of productivity easier than you ever imagined.  There's no reason to live your life by default.  I'll help you get back to your "factory settings" where you can indeed create what you desire in every area of your life, both personally and professionally. 

This program utilizes energy psychology techniques along with my ClaimYourThunder™ advanced success hypnotherapy and Life Coaching which brings results much more rapidly than traditional coaching or counseling alone as it works in the subconscious mind where your blocks are located.  You were born to win, but conditioned to fail. The happy, meaningful life you desire is attainable.


stop talking

I know how you feel.  You have probably read countless self help books, attended scores of seminars and workshops, went to counseling and had relief for only a brief amount of time. My techniques of working directly with your subconscious mind obtain permanent, excellent results for you quickly.  Please feel free to schedule a complimentary 20 minute no obligation phone consultation.  I promise never to waste your time or money.  There is no reward in staying stuck, unhappy, or feeling lost.  

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Your Greatest Self.


Everything you want is on the other side of fear and your beliefs about yourself.




From my Claim

Your Thunder system you will become:

  • Free from old emotional wounds    ​

  • Organized

  • Focused

  • Free from depression

  • Solution oriented

  • Motivated

  • Confident

  • Able to enjoy richer intimate relationships

  • Realize more abundance than you have ever experienced before

  • In love with your life

  • Proud of what you are able to accomplish

  • Connected back to your authentic self and the spark of divinity within you


"Hiring Linda was a life altering move on my part. She was recommended to me by a friend. Since then, she has helped me stand in my own power. I've achieved personal, emotional and professional goals that I thought were out of reach. My whole outlook in life has improved thanks to Linda's expertise. This year, I exceeded my financial goals 3 months ahead of time because of my work with Linda, my emotional and career coach."

Julie Martin-Lilliquist


"I have never been able to enjoy my successes, Linda has helped release my fears, I am already experiencing a record breaking year!  I also work with Linda on “The Law of Attraction" to keep focused on positive not the negative.  I tell everyone to go to Linda, she is a healer."

Kathy Hurt 


"I have changed in many more ways than I thought possible.  I originally sought out Linda's services to stop my chronic procrastination and ended up shifting emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.  My weight is down and my spirits and earnings are way up.  I was skeptical when I began the process, but now I am living proof that this works."   

Jaymie Giordano


"When the economy started to go downhill, my business began slipping away and we lost money at an alarming rate. I became panicked and stuck like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car.  My wife made arrangements for me to work with Linda which I did not want to do.  Within 4 hours Linda helped me develop crystal clear vision about what I wanted and got me to remove the blocks I had in my mind that prevented it from happening.  With my renewed focus and tools that I got from my session, I was able to take my business in a new direction and bring in 18% additional net income than my best year."

Kevin T. 

"Working with Linda is the solution to

moving beyond whatever holds you

back.  She is by far the best in the self 

improvement field and I have worked

with many, even the big names."

Katie Rabinski

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